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::REVIEW:: Ordering from Yesstyle!Hi bunnies!! Happy Wednesdayy! Today I wanted to share my experience ordering from Yesstyle, the online retailer! (NOT A SPONSORED POST)

I have ordered from Yesstyle several times over the last five years and haven’t had a bad experience yet.~~ Let’s get into the review!

So, first and foremost the site is very well-formatted. I really like how easy it is for me to search products by category, by brand, by country and by price. I can spend hours and hours searching the best products. I always buy during their huge sales (end of year or holiday sales) and they do huge blowouts with their fashion and beauty items.

All this being said, they don’t have everything. There are some brands they don’t carry and more importantly, they don’t carry the newest products. If an Innisfree lipstick was released 2 months ago for example, you probably wouldn’t be able to find it on this site. Also, the SHIPPING TAKES FOREVER. Legit it takes like 1-2 weeks just for processing. I assume because their inventory is so big they have to check and make sure they actually have my items in stock then they get everything ready to ship. Shipping takes another 3 weeks so when you are buying from here, be aware that you will not see your order for about a month. If you guys were wondering I live in America and this stuff ships from Asia. This sucks but eh, you win some && you lose some.

During my shopping binge I bought a face shaper, lash glue, false eyelashes, nail decorations, an eyeliner and a car chair hanger. My total for this order was $50. I always purchase enough to get free shipping.


photogrid_15197713657561979094245842266693.jpgSo far the green and pink face shaper works really well! I don’t use it as often as I should but I like it so far. It helps to give you that v-line in your jaw~ It doesn’t hurt at all for those curious!

The rainbow colored nail decor left much to desire… One thing I really didn’t like about these were that they were a little bit too big and it became really discolored when you apply polish or water on it.. It wouldn’t retain the pretty colors.. ugh. The pink heart nail decor is really cute and doesn’t have any negatives so far 🙂

The Macqueen brown eyeliner is great! I think it’s supposed to be waterproof? Haven’t worn it in the rain yet so this is yet to be determined.. but the liner gives smooth, build-able lines and looks gorgeous!!

photogrid_15197710972137042202448403606915.jpgThe car hooks is not a beauty product but it was something I needed! hehe 🙂

I gave one to my mom and I kept the other one! No complaints so far! I use it as a clothing rack or to hold my bags in my car. It hooks onto the back of my passenger seat headpiece nicely!

You can use this in your closest or around the house if you don’t have a car by the way~


photogrid_15197711386181451579795546213703.jpgThe only things I have not tried yet from this order are the eyelash and eyelash glue! I bought these Sweet Eyelashes from Liftfly because they looked the most natural and the cheapest in price.. but seeing them in person they are a bit long for my short stubby Asian eyelashes.. Maybe I will trim them down before my first outing in them.. LOL

All in all I was pretty happy with my products! Nothing came damaged or missing, the shipping just takes foreverrrrrr.

What did you guys think!? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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