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::REVIEW:: Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Hand Cream!Hi bunnies! Cutest review this week! This is the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream!


  • $12.00 for full sized jar
  • 30 grams full size
  • Includes manuka honey, bamboo sap, niacinamide and beeswax


This has a very odd smell.. Maybe a strong mint smell? I can’t describe it.. I just know I don’t want my hands smelling like this lol.

It’s a super thick cream but not too sticky.  I can really feel the beeswax and honey thickness. Perfect for dry hands in wintertime.
::REVIEW:: Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Hand Cream! hunnyy

::REVIEW:: Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Hand Cream! hunnyy

There is more than enough cream in here for 2 applications. You don’t need much to cover both hands so I think the full sized product will last a long time~

I like this hand cream but it’s not for me. I like more of a watery hand cream that dries faster~

I recommend this to those with dry cracked hands that need relief~

What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!
Until next time!::REVIEW:: Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Hand Cream! hunnyy::REVIEW:: Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Hand Cream! hunnyy



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