Hey guys! I have never been so happy to show you somethingg!!! NAIL ART!! SOO CHEAP AND EASY TO DO. no lie. The white nail polish I got from Target for .67 cents and the nail decor I got on eBay for $2!!! These 3D nail decorations have been reallyRead More →

Innisfree! One of my favorite brands ever. Everything up to the packaging is always green and ecofriendly as possible~~This product is no different. Pretty and simple packaging  design 🙂 This was one of the first sunscreen products I’d ever bought and sad to say in retrospect it’s not that great.Read More →

Hey hey~ yeah i know, it’s been too long. without further ado~~ next installation in my Travel Korea series!! Planes, trains and automobiles! The ultimate guide to getting around in Korea. the plane part can be found in pt.1 here ~ As for subway/train/underground transportation, i wrote a little about howRead More →

Another free sample! haha I only take samples when I go into the 100% Pure shops because the products are soooo expensive..like way too overpriced imo. I’ve loved their other creams like the vanilla cream (yummmmm<3) but this red wine resveratrol cream was underwhelming! The creams themselves have a goodRead More →

This shit is bomb. Who knew Dreamworks cared about our skin?! 🙂 In case you were wondering, it is legit, the Dreamworks copyright logo is all over this thing. I think they partnered with Oliveyoung for the production. They also sell different Dreamworks characters- I have a video trying theRead More →