Oil Balm!! This was my first oil balm ever and it was..pretty cool <3 So I got the entire ‘all Kill’ line from Holika Holika that included oil balm, clay to foam, oil to foam and oil water!! This oil balm is the only product I’ve tried from their allRead More →

So I graduated about 2 months ago and I’m just getting to this review but it’s okay! LOL Y’all are going to love this shit. I was hanging out with my friend Karys a week after I graduated back in December and she surprised me with this!! Introducing Tartan +Read More →

L’oreal Smooth Intense Straight perfecting Balm! Recently bought this balm and it’s okay so far~ It smells and feels nice but I’m not feeling a great change or improvement in my hair. The balm is a leave-in treatment and has a formula that includes Pro-Keratin which is supposed to transformRead More →