Sunday Sunday! Day 3 of BLOGMAS!! Today I will be sharing my skincare routine for the cold cold winter<3 I know the typical Korean Skincare routine has 10 steps.. but I do not. I’m too lazy. haha I work a full time job and when I get home from workRead More →

HI GUYS!!! ahkk i actually uploaded this kind-of on time!! lol This week I have made a video about the Round Around Handcreams I loveeee!!! Check out below!! If you haven’t read my original post about it, click here pleaseee: YAYYYY!! lemme know what you guys think in the commentRead More →

Bananananananananana!!! I tried Banana sleeping masks about a year ago for the first time and i. loved. it. I use them errday~ When I went to Korea I bought every type I came across! Which leads me to these two- Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack(left) and The Saem Fruits PunchRead More →