Happy Sunday guys!! I personally love Sundays.. I get to sleep in.. I get to see my parents all day.. and spend time with my bunnies!! Today’s Youtube video is NMR not makeup related but a video of my bunny Mocha!  This was taken when he was a wittle babyyRead More →

Hey loves! Happy Sunday! So true to form here is the first in my HunnyyBase series! A comprehensive encyclopedia on everything beauty <3 Kind of like a beauty database if you will 🙂 First! The basics!     ::How to read your ingredient label:: Kay, so here are some examples ofRead More →

Ohh Etude House…how you have failed me..     I have had these samples for a while and finally put it to use. And everything went downhill from there 🙁 So this is what the product actually looks like. White with little bits of what looks like sand. It castsRead More →