Forreal though, I feel like my blog/youtube is getting to be too much. I’m getting lost just trying to keep up with my regular scheduled posts.. I haven’t posted a youtube video in months.. I even have some edited and ready to post but I just can’t push myself toRead More →

Hey Hunnyybees!! I hope you guys are well~ This week I am sharing the most exciting thing that’s happened to me all year!! IM GOING TO SEE MY LOVES BTS!! I have been a fan for over 4 years now and this is my second time to go see them!Read More →

Happy Friday lovelies!!! I could barely keep my eyes open during the drive into work todayyy… so sleepy! Today I have fun pictures to share from my Korea Trip –  Insadong Ssamjigil! This a retail neighborhood that is SO MUCH FUN. Insadong is known for being a great mix ofRead More →