Oil Balm!! This was my first oil balm ever and it was..pretty cool <3 So I got the entire ‘all Kill’ line from Holika Holika that included oil balm, clay to foam, oil to foam and oil water!! This oil balm is the only product I’ve tried from their allRead More →

Happy Sunday! Have you guys every tried red eyeliner? It’s really gorgeous if you find the right eyeliner. This eyeliner..is notttt really it. When I go shopping for makeup I look for really bright colors or unusual finds. This maroon eyeliner was really pretty so I gave it a shot.Read More →

I’m not kidding. I bought this for a quarter. Not even a dollar.  This is a steal. I was at Walmart buying a space heater for my office and I happened to wander over to the clearance section.. and the rest is history~ lol So Walmart already sells makeup atRead More →

Look at the dead skin cells & debris! LOL Happy Sunday!! Today I will be reviewing Holika Holika’s  Gudetama Lazy & Easy Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel! This egg-shaped product is sold online at Amazon && kbeauty retailers and sells for $13 which is pretty consistent for the price I boughtRead More →

Hey loves! Happy Sunday! So true to form here is the first in my HunnyyBase┬áseries! A comprehensive encyclopedia on everything beauty <3 Kind of like a beauty database if you will ­čÖé First! The basics! ┬á ┬á ::How to read your ingredient label:: Kay, so here are some examples ofRead More →

On the last week of December 2016 my heart broke in a million pieces. Maybelline announced they were discontinuing their Rebel Bloom lines in North America. They announced it on their Snapchat and that by January 2017 they would not be sold in stores anymore. In response to that IRead More →

Bananananananananana!!! I tried Banana sleeping masks about a year ago for the first time and i. loved. it. I use them errday~ When I went to Korea I bought every type I came across! Which leads me to these two- Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack(left) and The Saem Fruits PunchRead More →