Hi bunnies!! This was my  first Mediheal mask! I definitely have heard of Mediheal brand before so I was super excited to try this! This is the Mediheal – W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask! Let’s get into the review! SPECS: 25ml “Whitening And Moisturizing Power Mask Sheet Includes TheRead More →

Hi bunnies! I started an Etsy shop for my nail designs! Lemme know what you guys think! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Hunnyybeauty This is a half blue half white nail polish with the BTS logo drawn on the ring finger and the 7 drawn on the thumb! I tried to get the blue asRead More →

Happy Sunday bunnies! New Youtube video! I love Olive Young! It’s like the #1 beauty/pharmacy store in Korea. Under Olive Young I would say are Lohbs and lalavla. Honestly I mostly made this video for myself so I can look back and see what the prices were for my nextRead More →

Hi bunnies! I have random thoughts that I’ve been wanting to jot down.. Why does La Neige have to be so expensive.. When will The Saem stop using shit tactics to scam customers in their stores.. How is VTCosmetics affording to pay BTS.. was their company even profitable before BTS??Read More →

Hi bunnies! This post will probably offend some people but it’s what I honestly think. VT Cosmetics isn’t all that. Before they starting using BTS as their models VT wasn’t even on my radar in terms of Kbeauty brands. The only VT items I had were toothbrushes my cousin gifted me.Read More →