YUM! I have made it a goal to visit Starbucks in every foreign country/state I travel to! This one was in Jeju Island, which is the biggest island in South Korea. It is known as the Hawaii of Korea and is amazingggg. Their Starbucks was equally as impressive! The oneRead More →

Korean dining is mind-numbingly good. If you ever think you’re going to lose weight on vacation because you’re walking around a ton, don’t press your luck! Especially in Korea! The food in Korea..ahhhh…just thinking about it makes me fat. lol. Everything is sooo good. BRO. They know how to entice you..FromRead More →

Skinfood cosmetic store && cafe in Garosugil, Sinsadong Gangnam Seoul! 가로수길 신사동 강남구 서울! I love Skinfood as a cosmetics brand. I’ve got some amazing products from here. They recently opened up a store in Garosugil that has multiple floors including a cafe!! I went with my buddy Tyia andRead More →