I love bright happy nails!! I had these little nail stick-ons from eBay and matched it with my Wet N Wild Orange nail polish! Voila! Orange-aide nails!! <3 <3 Seriously this was sooo cute but after a day I kept picking off the stick-ons.. hehe I have a picking habit!!Read More →

1.Park Hye-mi (PONY) She. is. everythingg. I adore her skills!! She is so headstrong and successful and keeps her private life private! I really admire that about her, it would be so hard for me to do that because I’m sucha blabbermouth. hehe. But her skillset is so refined andRead More →

Heyyy happy Wednesday! So I was roaming around Ulta last night and I saw a picture of Blake Lively. I stopped dead in my tracks because I love Blake Lively duh. lol Anyways I discovered that L’Oreal has released a line of lipsticks that has shades that correspond to oneRead More →