Skinfood cosmetic store && cafe in Garosugil, Sinsadong Gangnam Seoul! 가로수길 신사동 강남구 서울! I love Skinfood as a cosmetics brand. I’ve got some amazing products from here. They recently opened up a store in Garosugil that has multiple floors including a cafe!! I went with my buddy Tyia andRead More →

Innisfree! One of my favorite brands ever. Everything up to the packaging is always green and ecofriendly as possible~~This product is no different. Pretty and simple packaging  design 🙂 This was one of the first sunscreen products I’d ever bought and sad to say in retrospect it’s not that great.Read More →

The Face Shop~ Silly name, great brand. 🙂 Yo this thing was so expensive. I only got it because my grandma bought a two pack and gave me her extra. I would have never spent $40 bucks on this. (I don’t remember the exact cost but it was over $30).Read More →

This brand I’ve never heard of before- Guardian. But I saw this and thought it’d help me sleep during my summer in Korea! It cost a pretty $10 dollars which I thought was ridiculous at first. I bought it at Olive Young because my roomies liked to sleep lateRead More →

Yall this is alllllll the stuff I bought in Korea this past summer. Disclaimer-I saved for years for this trip so I am not some high roller spending money willy nilly! In here I gots masks, cleansers, foundations, eyeliners, mists, circle lenses, nail polishes, mascaras~ you name it I gotRead More →

COOOOKIES AND CREAMMMMM<3 oh my gah i love this shit. I legit bought 5 of these. There are actually three versions of this hand cream. Original, Strawberry && Mint. The Strawberry and Mint scents don’t smell as good so I didn’t get them. It didn’t smell like strawberries or mintRead More →

Happy Sunday!~~ Here we have my favorite mascara ever ever ever in history. Want a sad story? I lost this during my trip in Korea.. i think my roommates jacked it..LOL sike. I probably forgot to pack it and it’s still in the hostel 🙁 My life.. Although I don’tRead More →

Good Sunday hunnybees! I am currently in bed watching DC Legends of Tomorrow hehe 🙂 Anyhoo this is a moisturizing cream I got in Korea 40% off at Nature Republic! At first I planned on giving it to my mother but she ended up receiving another set of skincare so IRead More →