I’m so serious, I have tried everything and I cannot get contact lenses to go in my eyes. I don’t wear glasses and never had contacts as a kid so I’m just not used to this! Let me back up a little to give some backstory- I went to SouthRead More →

Happy Sunday Bunnies!!! Football season is officially here!!!! lolol That is how my household is today-football football football~ Anyways today I have a new video!! I try out two new products for the month of September<3 I think I am going to do a 2Try each month since I haveRead More →

I hate this remover. There. Point blank. This shit sucks. LOL I bought this at Target because I needed a new eye makeup remover and I’d mostly been dealing with more watery removers till now so this was a huge difference. I love Maybelline..but this remover sucks. This is meant toRead More →