Hi loveys! Have y’all seen this new eyeliner? Too Faced’s Glitter Pop! Peel‑Off Eyeliner? I saw it at Ulta and was immediately drawn in by the pretty glitter! The colors were sooo pretty (there are eight in total) and you know I’mma sucker for a good glitter eyeliner~ So apparently theseRead More →

Happy Sunday! Have you guys every tried red eyeliner? It’s really gorgeous if you find the right eyeliner. This eyeliner..is notttt really it. When I go shopping for makeup I look for really bright colors or unusual finds. This maroon eyeliner was really pretty so I gave it a shot.Read More →

I’m not kidding. I bought this for a quarter. Not even a dollar.  This is a steal. I was at Walmart buying a space heater for my office and I happened to wander over to the clearance section.. and the rest is history~ lol So Walmart already sells makeup atRead More →

Welcome to the end of 2016!! I can’t believe this year is over already.. This year was nuts! I had an internship at an accounting firm, went overseas for the first time, got my first full time job and graduated college! As it was an eventful year for me personallyRead More →