Good morning bunnies~ Recently I realized that I don’t really mention inner beauty at all on my site. It’s not because I don’t think it’s important, it’s probably because I feel like it’s a given? I believe it’s already such an integral part of beauty that it goes without saying.Read More →

*Angelic voices* ahhh~~ THE COLLAGEN! The holy grail of youth!! A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Amazon and I saw that Shiseido had a line of Collagen products! They have Collagen drinks, powders, smoothie mixes and pills! All are supposed to help your skin and body look andRead More →

HI GUYS!!! ahkk i actually uploaded this kind-of on time!! lol This week I have made a video about the Round Around Handcreams I loveeee!!! Check out below!! If you haven’t read my original post about it, click here pleaseee: YAYYYY!! lemme know what you guys think in the commentRead More →

Hey hunnys!! Welcome to the first installment of my Hunnybase segment Pretty Smart!¬†Wearing makeup will only get your skin so far in life. You have to know the difference between helping and harming your skin. That is where Pretty Smart comes in! My goal is to teach you how toRead More →