Extra Sunday post but this is mega exciting!!! My first ever giveaway!! I recently got these amazing goodies from a Sephora demo and others I bought when in Korea and I thought its time to share the lovee hehe 🙂 So to enter!!! Follow two of the three accounts belowRead More →

Bananananananananana!!! I tried Banana sleeping masks about a year ago for the first time and i. loved. it. I use them errday~ When I went to Korea I bought every type I came across! Which leads me to these two- Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack(left) and The Saem Fruits PunchRead More →

Korean dining is mind-numbingly good. If you ever think you’re going to lose weight on vacation because you’re walking around a ton, don’t press your luck! Especially in Korea! The food in Korea..ahhhh…just thinking about it makes me fat. lol. Everything is sooo good. BRO. They know how to entice you..FromRead More →

Skinfood cosmetic store && cafe in Garosugil, Sinsadong Gangnam Seoul! 가로수길 신사동 강남구 서울! I love Skinfood as a cosmetics brand. I’ve got some amazing products from here. They recently opened up a store in Garosugil that has multiple floors including a cafe!! I went with my buddy Tyia andRead More →

COOOOKIES AND CREAMMMMM<3 oh my gah i love this shit. I legit bought 5 of these. There are actually three versions of this hand cream. Original, Strawberry && Mint. The Strawberry and Mint scents don’t smell as good so I didn’t get them. It didn’t smell like strawberries or mintRead More →