Hey beauties! Look!! I went to an official Sephora held event!! A live demo on contouring and highlighting!! I was soooo incredibly excited for this demo, i even brought a friend!! I am constantly searching for makeup related events, and there are almost none because I live in the suburbs.Read More →

Finally! I get to show you guys my birthday haul!! If you follow my Insta you’ve seen dis!! lol. I really didn’t mean to go nuts on my birthday but I went to dinner with the in-laws and they gave me a Sephora gift card…and..impulse took over 🙂 First shop!Read More →

So I graduated about 2 months ago and I’m just getting to this review but it’s okay! LOL Y’all are going to love this shit. I was hanging out with my friend Karys a week after I graduated back in December and she surprised me with this!! Introducing Tartan +Read More →