Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the 3CE – Sharpen Edge Brow Pencil! BEHOLD! One of the worst eyebrow pencils I’ve ever tried! I truly truly detested my time using this product.. let’s get into the review! STATS: 0.35g for $16~ ( I bought this pencil on sale so it wasRead More →

Hi bunnies! The other day I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers Meejmuse and she said something that really resonated with me. She said something along the lines of she couldn’t remember or didn’t have time to post everything she wanted. I really related to this because I haveRead More →

Hi bunnies! This post will probably offend some people but it’s what I honestly think. VT Cosmetics isn’t all that. Before they starting using BTS as their models VT¬†wasn’t even on my radar in terms of Kbeauty brands. The only VT items I had were toothbrushes my cousin gifted me.Read More →

Hi. I’m literally writing this as I am going through my Pinterest pins and I am getting so fed up. I’ve been using Pinterest for probably 5+ years. In those years I’ve probably read 1,000 articles.. and most of them are a waste of my time. I’M SO DONEEEE withRead More →

Good morning everyone! Today I have a review on the Swisspers Makeup Removal Wipes I received through my VoxBox with Influenster! Now even though this was through Influenster I will still be very honest in my review. These makeup removal wipes come 25 wipes to a package and are 100%Read More →

Celebrity Cosmetics lines to swear by? Are there any? I mean, I know people rave about Fenty’s shade variety and Kylie’s lip kits are all the rage, but are any of them really great quality? I did see criticism about Kylie’s line and how her lippie ingredients were almost identicalRead More →

I’ve definitely said this before but these polishes are the worst in my collection. The colors are really pretty but the polish itself is really watery, chips in a day, and aren’t as pigmented as they should be. These ain’t no OPI’s I’ll tell you that much~ So these areRead More →