Hey loveliesss! Have you heard of PC Bangs in Korea? I love these places.. it’s like a library but instead of books it’s computers. I think Drew and I visited at least 7 PC Bangs while we were in Korea LOL “PC” =personal computer and “Bang” means room. So basicallyRead More →

ICE CREAM!!! Sahh cute! I got this from one of the biggest pastry/cafes in Korea- Paris Baguette. I was in Incheon International Airport and saw this little beauty~ A line of cup ice creams, or as they call it “cupscream“! This cost — and came in the flavor blueberry withRead More →

This is the cutest shop and the most random shop I’ve ever seen!! It is called UniLand and it is in the Bupyeong Culture Village in Incheon, South Korea! I was walking around with my cousin and this store was so insane!! PINK EVERYWHEREEEE. Unicorns, Simpsons, Hello Kitty, Pepe theRead More →