Hi bunnies! This week’s post is a HunnyyIndex! I will be listing every single Banila Co product I have ever tried! As always  I will have a link to each review next to the product name!! (I will be updating these lists periodically as well so HunnyyIndex will always beRead More →

Yepp…1004 Nail (or Chunsa Nail/Angel Nail) – The amazing Korean nail supply store does not ship outside of Korea.. When I was in Korea I bought about $100 worth of stuff and I have a video on what I bought. Their stores blow places like Sallys Beauty out of theRead More →

It’s official- I’ve officially had a reaction to a skincare product. This almost never happens! Although I do have sensitive skin, I’ve used so many products over the years so my skin has developed a tolerance and I almost never react negatively to a product until now. It was aRead More →

Good morning bunnies! Today’s review is the MeFactory Pig Peeling Pads! My cousin gave this to me as a gift when she visited from Korea! I’d never heard of this product or this brand before so we are once again in uncharted territory! Yay! I love discovering new products!! Let’sRead More →

Hi bunnies! Happy Sunday! This is 2nd try uploading because I freaking closed the tab by accident and it didn’t save anything aAGGHFJKSD. Oh well. Today I have a tour of the Myeongdong Stylenanda Pink hotel!!! This place was HUGE and I will let the video show you the restRead More →

Isn’t this the cutest lippies you’ve ever seen?! Hi guys! Jinny here! I am sooo happy to finally upload these lip products!! These were super inexpensive at The Saem 🙂 I hope you guys like this videooo! Lemme know in the comments below if you would like the syrup-y texture!Read More →

Happy Friday!! WEEKEND IS HURR. Im ready! To start this weekend off right I have to let you guys in on the best beauty discounts I found! BED BATH AND BEYOND. Random right? I guess makeup can kind of count as part of the “bath” right? 🙂 Anyways here’s howRead More →