Hi guys! Happy December! The countdown has begun! #hunnyyholidays is in full force! I’m a little scared but a lot excited for this challenge! From today until December 31st, there will be at least one blog post a day! Can you handle it?! ahkk! Without further ado let’s get startedRead More →

Hey guys!! Oh my gosh I’ve been so anxious for this moment to finally show you guys my first Youtube video!!! BEAUTYCON 2017 HAUL + GIVEAWAY YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK This video encompasses everytthingggggg I got from Beautycon NYC 2017 and shows you a lot of the products I am includingRead More →

Welcome to the end of 2016!! I can’t believe this year is over already.. This year was nuts! I had an internship at an accounting firm, went overseas for the first time, got my first full time job and graduated college! As it was an eventful year for me personallyRead More →