Hi bunnies! My daughter is currently 6 months old and my breastfeeding journey was SO HARD in the beginning. As soon as she was born the nurses taught me how to breastfeed and the colostrum came out well. My baby latched well on the right breast so we didn’t spendRead More →

Hi bunnies! My little one is now 5 months old!! Ive read that sleep training can start around 4 months old once theyre old enough to cry it out. I have not done this and currently I have no intentions to. Why? It’s easy – I don’t want to. I’mRead More →

Oh boy this story is long but I’m going to condense it as best I can! Basically my OBGYN made me feel uncomfortable and distrustful – she called me crazy. During an appointment she asked what were my plans for pain management during labor and my exact words were “imRead More →