Welcome to the end of 2016!! I can’t believe this year is over already.. This year was nuts! I had an internship at an accounting firm, went overseas for the first time, got my first full time job and graduated college! As it was an eventful year for me personallyRead More →

This brand I’ve never heard of before- Guardian. But I saw this and thought it’d help me sleep during my summer in Korea! It cost a pretty penny..like $10 dollars which I thought was ridiculous at first. I bought it at Olive Young because my roomies liked to sleep lateRead More →

Hey hey~ yeah i know, it’s been too long. without further ado~~ next installation in my Travel Korea series!! Planes, trains and automobiles! The ultimate guide to getting around in Korea. the plane part can be found in pt.1 hereĀ ~ As for subway/train/underground transportation, i wrote a little about howRead More →