Happy New Year!!! 2018! YESSS. I feel so good about this year!! Hope everyone had nothing but good feels all weekend 🙂 Today I have a look I painted to ring in the new year!! This look is very simple- three steps! Base coat Black polish-2 coats Innisfree Polish inRead More →

Happy Sunday!!! I think we are slowly getting past the halfway mark of Blogmas and it is crazyyy so far! Today I have something not holiday related but totally needed- a post about getting the longest lashes possible WITHOUT using falsies! I don’t wear falsies normally.. It’s a lot ofRead More →

1.Park Hye-mi (PONY) She. is. everythingg. I adore her skills!! She is so headstrong and successful and keeps her private life private! I really admire that about her, it would be so hard for me to do that because I’m sucha blabbermouth. hehe. But her skillset is so refined andRead More →