Hi bunnies! So 2020 was a shit year – everyone can agree on this. On top of the horror of the pandemic and the complications it caused, for me personally it wrecked my bi-annual Korea trip! I had tickets for September that obviously had to be canceled. This Korea tripRead More →

Happy Sunday bunnies! New Youtube video! I love Olive Young! It’s like the #1 beauty/pharmacy store in Korea. Under Olive Young I would say are Lohbs and lalavla. Honestly I mostly made this video for myself so I can look back and see what the prices were for my nextRead More →

Hey loveliesss! Have you heard of PC Bangs in Korea? I love these places.. it’s like a library but instead of books it’s computers. I think Drew and I visited at least 7 PC Bangs while we were in Korea LOL “PC” =personal computer and “Bang” means room. So basicallyRead More →

Hi lovelies!! I BOOKED MY TICKETSSS~ homegirl is going to her home land <3 LOL I’m sooo excited! I will vlog the entire trip and film ALL THE BEAUTY SHOPS and the beautiful scenery!! I’m also going to Jeju Island to visit the Innisfree shop!!!!! If you guys have anyRead More →