Hi bunnies! Did you guys get this mail too?! I got the pre-approval for the Sephora Credit Card. I am still reeling from the news of the Apple credit card and now Sephora?! LOL. So this is not a regular membership card, this is an actual credit card. I willRead More →

Club Clio has up to 90% off!!!!!!!! 30%, 50% and 90% off. A lot of it is Peripera, Goodal and Healing(?). Never heard of the last one. But the Peripera discounts are AMAZING. Definitely stocked up my cart and ready to purchase!! Etude House- 50% off: 0.2 Therapy Mask Packs (60) SoonJung Whip Cleanser Play […]

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Hi bunnies! This product name is so LONG! This is the Ole Henriksen Ole’s Dream Team with Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil and Invigorating Night Transformation Gel. I know right – like whutt. I think the name comes from its Danish founder? Don’t quote me on that! lol I’m goingRead More →

Happy Wednesdayyy! We are halfway through the week and I have a fun review todayy!┬áThis is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (mini size for $12). I got this from Sephora awhile ago but just started to use it regularly this year and I’m pretty happy with it! Urban Decay claimsRead More →

Yes ladies and gentlemen..this picture shows my heartbreak.. My Sephora Collection Contour Inner Rim Gel Eyeliner BROKE after less than a year.. I really liked this eyeliner too! I got it for about $10 and the color payoff was amazinggg. Baby blue color and very vivid! Sadly they do notRead More →

I LOOKED EVERYWHERE IN KOREA to see if I could find luxury Asian products at a cheaper rate than America. And my results? Zilch.Goose Egg. My main focus was any SK-II product because it’s widely used across the globe and ridiculously expensive. My findings were that the prices in AmericaRead More →

Man.. Ulta is doing it RIGHT. Last week I stopped by the Ulta near my office (not the one near my house) and this location is so much more amazing!!! Their Kbeauty selection is HUGEEEEE!!! And I’m not talking about the normal Kbeauty they have there like Tony Moly andRead More →

I honestly cannot remember the last time I purchased an item at Sephora. I always go in the store when I’m at the mall.. but I just never end up buying anything. Why? First, I think everything is expensive.. Even the sample sizes near the counter are overpriced.. Most ofRead More →