Hewwo~ I have finally uploaded my video for this week!! Sorry if i sound funny I have a cold! I would’ve uploaded it this morning but I had no voice. it was there technically it just sounded all cracky like I was going through puberty 🙂 heheh so this weekRead More →

So. Damn. Cute. I bought these socks in Korea, all for $3 or less each! I really thought these would be shitty socks to wear long-term but I bought them anyway out of pure cuteness~ BUT ACTUALLY THEY’RE PRETTY AWESOME. They haven’t ripped or stretched out at all!! I’ve been wearingRead More →

Hey hey~ yeah i know, it’s been too long. without further ado~~ next installation in my Travel Korea series!! Planes, trains and automobiles! The ultimate guide to getting around in Korea. the plane part can be found in pt.1 here ~ As for subway/train/underground transportation, i wrote a little about howRead More →