Happy Friday lovelies!!! I could barely keep my eyes open during the drive into work todayyy… so sleepy! Today I have fun pictures to share from my Korea Trip –  Insadong Ssamjigil! This a retail neighborhood that is SO MUCH FUN. Insadong is known for being a great mix ofRead More →

Hi lovelies!! I BOOKED MY TICKETSSS~ homegirl is going to her home land <3 LOL I’m sooo excited! I will vlog the entire trip and film ALL THE BEAUTY SHOPS and the beautiful scenery!! I’m also going to Jeju Island to visit the Innisfree shop!!!!! If you guys have anyRead More →

Hey Hunnyybees!! I hope you guys are well~ This week I am sharing parts of my trip to Seoul! This was taken awhile ago but I dug up the footage because it’s too beautiful not to share heheeh ♥ So here we have the beautiful shopping mecca of Myeongdong! IRead More →

Club Clio is a really fun Korean Makeup Brand. They’re one of the bigger roadshops and can be found everywhere in Seoul~ Their stores are made to look like a club with neon lights, darker walls, black metal wall structures~ Most Korean roadshops are really really tiny since the landRead More →

Ohmygoodness~ It has been such a whirlwind but I am finally back home from my trip to South Koreaa and I loved it! I have SOOOO much things to hash out~ pictures, videos, useful information~ The entire trip overview will be over 10 different posts so look out for it^^Read More →