Okay, what is this?! I was at the clearance rack at Ulta Beauty and I saw this weird black speck floating around in micellar water!! This cant be normal right?? Like wtf… Contaminated much?? I even have a video of it below to show I wasn’t just seeing this. I’mRead More →

Okay guys HOW COOL IS THIS?! I stopped dead in my tracks waltzing through Ulta lol. So it looks like Ulta Beauty made a whole line of products for Endgame!! Liquid lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadow and highlight palettes and a makeup bag!! So the palettes definitely are almost sold out, butRead More →

Happy Wednesday! Last week I reviewed the newest products I found at Ulta and today I will be covering the newest KBEAUTY products! Yay! The Ulta near my office has the biggest selection of Korean products and it was glorious to see.. With that said let’s see what they haveee!Read More →

Hi! I finally crawled out from under a rock and visited Ulta! As you guys know, I’m on a self-ban from purchasing makeup and cosmetics but I was bored at lunch and dropped by Ulta! BOY, do they have a lot of new stuff here! Most things I had alreadyRead More →

Man.. Ulta is doing it RIGHT. Last week I stopped by the Ulta near my office (not the one near my house) and this location is so much more amazing!!! Their Kbeauty selection is HUGEEEEE!!! And I’m not talking about the normal Kbeauty they have there like Tony Moly andRead More →