Happy Hump day! LOL Hopefully this post will help you power through your wednesdayy~ Innisfree nail polishes win at life. They’re soooo good. This pink one here I bought three of them. No lie. The polish is named 18 설레는 좀 나들이 ‘Exciting Spring Outing’. I think the name reallyRead More →

Welcome to the end of 2016!! I can’t believe this year is over already.. This year was nuts! I had an internship at an accounting firm, went overseas for the first time, got my first full time job and graduated college! As it was an eventful year for me personallyRead More →

MERRY CHRISTMASSSS!! HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSS Can you say Winter Wonderland? I love the holidays!!!! Yayayayayay! It’s almost Christmas and this is what it looks like at makeup store Ulta!! At least the one in my neighborhood! There is soo much good stuff!! Everyone from drugstore brands to luxury brands all releasedRead More →

L’oreal Smooth Intense Straight perfecting Balm! Recently bought this balm and it’s okay so far~ It smells and feels nice but I’m not feeling a great change or improvement in my hair. The balm is a leave-in treatment and has a formula that includes Pro-Keratin which is supposed to transformRead More →