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Happy Hump Day! Today I wanted to show you The Face Shop’s Mono Cube Eyeshadow + Palette!

I was in my local The Face Shop when I saw this grid of eyeshadows! I don’t know why I never noticed it before.. maybe it was new but in any case it looks like they have their own customizable palette! It looks like they have over fifty shades that you can mix and match and put in your own little magnetic case! It can even hold blushes!!

::The Face Shop:: MONO CUBE EYE SHADOWThe basic shadow case holds six shadows and is $10. The magnetic palette is $14 but I don’t know how many shadows it holds.. So let’s say the magnetic case holds 10 shadows, and each shadow is $3.. you would have to spend $30 + 14 = $44 total for the palette. I honestly do not think that is bad at all given that most palettes from Urban Decay, Too Faced are all at least $50. The biggest advantage is that you can pick your own shades to put in your palette so I’d take that over my Naked Palettes cause there are some shades I NEVER use and it’s kind of a waste..



Close up pics for those interested!! <3

::The Face Shop:: MONO CUBE EYE SHADOW.jpg

What do you guys think!? Worth it? I have some The Face Shop eyeshadows are they’re not bad! Not as pigmented as Lorac, for example, but still good quality eyeshadows 🙂

Lemme know what you guys think in the comments below!

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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