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PhotoGrid_1569728326296.jpgHappy Sunday bunnies! Just a little update – I have changed my instagram handle from hey_hunnyy to hunnyybeauty. Just something I thought sounded nicer.

When I first came up with the name for this blog I liked hihunnyy or heyhunnyy but I’ve been thinking maybe just shortening it to hunnyy~

ALSO – Has anyone else been having a pisspoor time on instagram lately? My stats are shot! Like my engagement and likes and reach have hit all time lows! And I have more followers now than ever! Idk if it’s instagram’s new algorithms or if hashtags just aren’t as effective anymore… It’s really hurting my pride lol.

Anywayss that’s all for todayy! Next post will be up on Wednesday!

xoxo, hunnyy

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