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Hello bunnies! I deigned to try this Yesto mask.. I knew it wouldn’t be any good aaaaaand let’s get into the review because the pictures itself will tell you.

This is the Yesto Charcoal Mask! I can’t seem to find this exact mask anymore, but they have very similar versions (white mask as opposed to the black one I had, and powder versions as opposed to the clay version I had)


HunnyyMask Experience:

  1. Is opening the packaging easy? Yes
  2. Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? Has a strong smell, not into it..
  3. Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? n/a not a sheet mask.
  4. What does the mask feel like? SO CLUMPY. Really difficult to spread, got all over my fingers..
  5. Does it fit my face well? Not spreadable so didn’t cover my whole face
  6. Does it stay on well? Too well..hardens quickly
  7. Does it sting at all? No
  8. Overall comfort? TOUGH. I don’t like it
  9. Does my skin feel any different? Nope
  10. How long did I keep the mask on? 20 minutes.
  11. How did my skin feel right after? Super tight
  12. How did my skin feel the day after? Normal
  13. Would I repurchase? NEVER
  14. Do I recommend it? Nope!


Blech! Doesn’t it look awful?? Horribly spread! I honestly don’t even care enough to try it again to give it another try. I’ll stick to my kbeauty reliable masks~

Until next time loves!



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