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yeah you read that right. I saw the article myself yesterday and while it was really shocking it kind of wasn’t at the same time.. First of all, that friend is nasty cause she doesn’t clean her makeup brushes very well. Second, what is you doing letting your friend use your dirty brush?! Not a smart idea. These two terrible choices led to your friend catching that bacteria and is now damaged for life. I think I can never look at makeup brushes in the same way. Hygiene? Muy importante. We all know cleaning your makeup brushes are VITAL to your makeup routine but now I think we realize just how vital it is. Yes? 

Sorry for scarring you with that information lol

– xoxo Hunnyy

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  1. That’s crazy!! Her friend should have cleaned her brushes before giving them to her friend! There are thousands of DIY cleaning tutorials and that person couldn’t look up one?! That is so sad, paralysis is life changing!

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